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April is Autism Awareness Month

Every April is Autism Awareness Month, beginning with the UN recognized World Autism Awareness Day, April 2.  Every April local, national, and international autism organizations hold conferences, events, and awareness campaigns designed to keep individuals with autism and their families on the minds of community, state, and national leaders as well as the general public.  

For many of the individuals and families involved in Friends of Autism every day is autism awareness day and every month is autism awareness month.  Even with the disruption caused by the pandemic, the work done by Friends of Autism in research, education, awareness, and direct aid to families continues.  Especially in uncertain economic times, families dealing with autism can count on Friends of Autism for understanding, compassion, and support.  We’re proud to be part of Autism Awareness Month and grateful for your support for our mission.  Please support Friends of Autism and our sponsors while we continue our year round support of individuals and families affected by autism.

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