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Studies have shown that early intensive intervention is directly correlated with positive outcomes in children with autism.  The sooner a child begins intensive therapy, the better the chances that child will lead a productive life.  Without intervention, the future for a child with autism is often bleak. Seventy-five percent of children with autism test in the mentally retarded range prior to therapies and treatments. More than fifty percent of children with autism who do not receive early intensive intervention will remain non-verbal.  There was a time when these grim statistics were lifelong probabilities, but today, with recent advances in educational interventions, our children can make astounding gains, sometimes even losing their diagnosis of autism.

In an effort to support early detection and intervention and to further its mission of education and family support, Friends of Autism distributes an Autism “Red Flags” brochure which is free of charge to families, healthcare providers, day care centers, churches, and schools across the country.  These brochures provide basic information on autism, early warning signs along with recommendations on how families can access an accurate diagnosis and early intervention for their children.

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